10982734676_89d538856b_oOur belief is before you can reach a child's heart and mind you have to meet some of their basic needs. Our programs are designed to do all of those things; reaching kids on a spiritual, emotional, educational, and physical level.


We believe that no child should be invisible to their community. By sponsoring kids in the HOPE program you are changing lives. During the HOPE program kids are provided with water and soap for bathing, a hot meal with juice and clean water, a time to be ministered to and share their talents, and most importantly shown the love of Christ. During special occasions they are also provided with clothing, shoes, toiletries, and minor medical care.If you would like to make a difference through a one time donation or a recurring donation of a different amount click HERE TO DONATE. Otherwise please select one of our recurring monthly sponsorships.

CUB $25
  • One child 4 times monthly
  • Bath with soap
  • Hot meal
  • Juice
  • Love and attention
  • Take away bag of food
LION $45
  • Two children 4 times monthly
  • Bath with soap
  • Hot meal/Juice
  • Love and attention
  • Take away bag of food
  • Shoes
  • Lifestraw
PRIDE $100
  • Provide monthly for one family:
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Oil
  • Tea
  • Family Mentor
  • Waterproof Bible

About Us

29:11 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to caring for the vulnerable children of the world. Our vision is to see a world where children thrive in their own community and grow to impact future generations. Through our partnership with local churches and community members we engage in communities around the world, creating or strengthening resources so that vulnerable children can sustainably thrive. Our goal is to see them thrive spiritually, emotionally, physically, and in their education. We stand on the promise of Jeremiah 29:11 that God has a HOPE and a FUTURE for all of us. We do not believe in a class of people that this does not apply to or who deserve the poverty they are living in.


In 2009, we took our first steps onto the Kenyan soil and fell in love, with the place and the people, but especially 63 orphans and their mama Vicki. Two stories started this vision. The first was Vicki's story of how she started out just giving bread and juice to the kids on the streets during holidays. One Christmas a boy said all he wanted was a bath with soap. The second was on a drive with a Pastor friend. We looked out at all of the small fires burning as he told us about the hundreds of street kids just in their area.

Sometimes you can hear things like that and walk away. Other times those stories fall on ears, on hearts, that God has awakened with a special desire. You can try to wait it out and tell God you aren't the one or you can give in to your God given passion and change the world, one street kid at a time.


We dream about a world where no child has to sleep on the street hungry and alone. A world where no child has to sniff glue to make their hunger pains go away. A world where no child is invisible to their community.

Together, we've started changing the lives of a couple hundred kids. There are so many more waiting to know that God has a HOPE for their FUTURE. With your help we can see their lives changed.


We work with people around the world who are passionate about changing kids' lives. We believe that the communities that surround our programs have to be the ones to ultimately walk alongside them. That is why we work with a team of people who are pillars of the local areas we work in.

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